Save Money and the Environment with Refurbished Office Furniture

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I’ve been really concerned with going green these day and every year I try to step it up a little more and conserve in more areas. When I was opening up a new office branch for my company, I tried to think of how I could get the office together with a small budget, and still be eco-friendly. The metaphorical light bulb lit up and realized that refurbished office furniture and used office cubicles were the perfect way to go green in my new office.

I discovered OFS Solutions online and was impressed with how easy they made it for someone looking for office furniture to go green and stay in budget.

Refurbished office furniture and used office cubicles are logical solutions to the excess problem the world faces today. New furniture models and styles are constantly being produced, manufactured, and sold. That makes the “outdated” office furniture cubicles junkyard bound, which is never good for the environment.

OFS Solutions specializes in making those perfectly good cubicles and office furniture up to date and as good as new. And Refurbished office furniture is significantly cheaper than buying the new stuff.

So save the earth and a bucks at the same time, check out OFS Solutions selection of refurbished office furniture.

The Green Way To Have Quality Office Furniture

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I recently started a new job. For the first week I was in an office that wasn’t that nice. But word around the corporate campfire was that we’d be getting brand new office furniture in a few weeks. I’m not going to lie, the first few weeks were pretty hard, whether due to the dingy office furniture cubicles or because I was still learning the work.

But when that quality office furniture came in, it was nice. It made going to work a real pleasure. Then I learned that all of the office furniture cubicles were refurbished office furniture. Boy was that a shocker! The office saved so much money on the new/ refurbished office furniture that they had a luncheon for us that week. The bosses told the entire office the deal: that the used office cubicles were part of their plan to have a new, “greener” office and that used office cubicles are really no different from new cubicles. That’s cool by me! I’m just surprised that they managed to save so much money, keep the environment in good shape, and really boost the company’s morale all at once, and just from buying refurbished office furniture from

Top Three Pieces Of Quality Office Furniture!

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If you have a corporate office or a home office like I do, there are three important products you need to start looking at! First off, you absolutely need some kind of a partition wall. Most corporate offices utilize used office cubicles in order to "separate" employees and to also give them a sense of their own space. For my home office, I chose a partition wall because I didn't want to be TOO closed off, but I needed privacy for work.

The next item you need is office furniture cubicles like desks, chairs, file cabinets, etc. I don't have any real "paper work", so I don't really need a filing cabinet. I do have a folder section in my desk that houses any papers I might collect, contracts, to do lists, research, etc.

Refurbished office furniture can go with any theme you might be having in your office. I go with a lot of black fortune when it comes to my equipment and accessories, but I also add a splash of color with a sofa, carpets and paintings. The last thing you could consider when it comes to quality office furniture is to get the whole package into one "suite" office! The office suites have everything you need for your office and come in an array of styles!

Pair Your Move with Refurbished Office Furniture

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If your company is getting ready to move to a new building, you might be planning to move all of your furniture as well. But before you commit to anything, think about this — you could spend the money it costs to move your furniture to replace it with better quality office furniture.

How? You might be used to choosing between quality and price, but that doesn't have to be the case. Professionally refurbished furniture, for example, offers all of the quality of brand new items, but with a bottom line that's gentler on your wallet — and the environment!

You can find refurbished furniture of all kinds, from be it as small as a chair or as large as a cubicle. Plus, if you choose a furniture company like with excellent customer service, you'll even receive help from design specialists with experience working in office environments.

You owe it to your employees to at least explore your refurbished office furniture options. You're probably not going to switch buildings very often — why not make this move count?

Reduce Costs with Refurbished Office Furniture

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Nowadays even the top corporations are looking for ways to save money and lower their overhead expenses, and for these businesses refurbished office furniture is a great option.

Refurbished furniture, including used office cubicles, is more affordable than brand new furniture, but it can still provide your office with the necessary facelift to impress clients. Replacement furniture tends to increase worker productivity as well, as employees are often energized by a revived workspace.

Employers can save as much as 33 percent—and sometimes more—on office furniture cubicles by buying refurbished. And remember, you're probably not buying just one cubicle, which means these savings will add up fast.

Of course, cubicles aren't the only quality office furniture items refurbished for sale. You can also shop desks, filing cabinets, chairs, and more. And since these items are refurbished, not just used, you know that they've been restored to their original conditions.

As if the savings weren't valuable enough, refurbished office furniture is also good for the environment, as it does not require any additional resources from the Earth. So, if you're looking for a way to impress clients and investors beyond just savvy style, you'll now be able to inform them that you're running a sustainable business.

Refurbished Office Furniture = Big Savings

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I actually have a home office, so I know how much office equipment can cost. So I can only imagine what big corporations have to spend on quality office furniture! There is a way around this though… You could look at refurbished office furniture. A lot of people think that because a piece of furniture is refurbished it's not of the utmost quality, but this assumption is dead wrong! The companies that refurbish and sell these pieces fix the furniture up. This means sanding down, buffering, cleaning, fixing anything that's broken or missing such as drawers or wheels.

In the end, the re-produced furniture looks better than it did before. You can buy all kinds of used equipment such as used office cubicles and office furniture cubicles as well. I actually took a look at cubicles that were brand new, they are so expensive. It's crazy! I slimmed it down to a partition wall and I could still be paying thousands of dollars for the size of wall I want. This is actually about the time I picked my jaw off the floor and decided to find refurbished office furniture.

You could be saving yourself up to 50% on any of the furnishings and products on our website. This is a HUGE sum of money when you are planning for an office relocation, remodel, or you just need new furniture for your business!

Why Does Quality Office Furniture Matter?

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These days, it’s all about cutting costs, which means reducing the money you spend on business travel, office parties, and even furniture. Still, you need to make sure not to sacrifice quality for price. Buying quality office furniture is like making an investment—if you do your research, you’ll wind up with more money than you started with.

How can office furniture cushion your bottom line? Choosing the right office chairs, cubicles, desks, and other furniture items will directly affect your employees, both in terms of morale and productivity. If you stick your workers in ratty old desk chairs and cubicles that look about to collapse, they’re going to think management doesn’t care about them—it will even affect the quality of their work. Just think about it: If you’re trapped in an uncomfortable chair for eight hours a day, are you ever going to want to work overtime?

That all sounds good, but many employers still can’t afford to pay for brand new furniture, no matter how much they value their employers. That’s where refurbished office furniture from comes in handy. OFS does such a good job fixing up its furniture, you’ll think it’s brand new—and so will your employees!